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Holy Crap!: Priest Steals A Million To Fund Double Life

While many of his parishioners at Sacred Heart Church in Waterbury, CT loved Pastor Fr. Kevin Gray, none of them apparently knew that this priest actually stole $1 million from the church to fund a seven year lavish lifestyle of male escorts, expensive hotels and restaurants.

After the priest was transferred because of some unclear internal church reason, he became bitter towards the church and felt that the church "owed" him and began his seven year theft and sex campaign.


Despite a huge pile of evidence of his lavish spending with stolen funds. Many supporters of the priest showed up at the courthouse proclaiming him to be "100% innocent". Blind faith perhaps?

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There are those who will ea... (Below threshold)
Don L:

There are those who will eagerly blame God's Church for this -instead of the sin that it was created to fight.

As Pope Paul VI said when the liberal modernists swept through the Church after the "spirit" of Vatican II :"The smoke of Satan has entered the tabernacle.

This is but one more puff from the Church's enemy....

Hello, Don. My personal opi... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Hello, Don. My personal opinion is that any church leader that really has the Holy Spirit in him doesn't steal $1 million to fund this sort of lifestyle. For a church member, such conduct would be bad enough. But a for a church leader, this conduct is far worse.

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