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Dr. Conrad Murray Will Probably Have To Surrender On Manslaughter Charge On Thursday

Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who prescribed Michael Jackson the drug that supposedly caused his death will likely have to surrender to authorities on Thursday at the earliest. The doctor will likely face a recommended $25,000 bail amount, which is a standard that Los Angeles County D.A. usually sets. Further, he could face up to four years in prison on the involuntary manslaughter charge.


For such a high profile doctor, this is a sad end to his career. And, apparently, mounting legal bills and court appearances at this point have already made life difficult for the doctor as he failed to appear in a Las Vegas courtroom today to answer a complaint for a $131, 838.37 bill owed a medical imaging company, and lost the case because of failure to show.

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Let's hope the truth be unv... (Below threshold)

Let's hope the truth be unveiled and if he's to fault, let him get the punishment he deserves.

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