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Rush Limbaugh Death Rumors Wrong

Some reports are floating on the Internet today that Rush Limbaugh has died. These reports are wrong. However, it can be reported that the controversial, but very popular, 58 year old radio talk show host is currently hospitalized in Hawaii with serious chest pains. This might indicate some sort of heart condition.

Rush Limbaugh has often been photographed with cigars. And smoking can lead to cardio-vascular conditions, so this could be a health factor as well. On Rush Limbaugh's website a message states that the radio host was hospitalized with "chest pains" is "resting comfortably" and "(Rush) appreciates prayers and well wishes".

rush limbaugh.jpg

On Thursday, Dr. Walter E. Williams, a prominent conservative leaning African American professor from George Mason University filled in for the ailing talk show host. Friday's program was supposed to be a "best of" program.

There is so far no word on the extent of the health problems for Limbaugh, or how soon he can return to work. But the radio entertainer often seems to flaunt wrong living by public displays of smoking or past problems with prescription drug abuse besides being overweight.

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