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Holy Crap! Look At Former Sex Symbol Ann Jillian Now!

Here's a real shocker! Former sex symbol Ann Jillian looks a little different today than she used to. She was once a popular wall calendar girl as well as one of the most admired women in America after her recovery from breast cancer. At 59, Ann continues to sing and to give motivational talks. But, boy does she look different these days!


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Paul, as a person gets olde... (Below threshold)

Paul, as a person gets older, their body changes, weight goes on easy, comes off hard, and even your looks change. Yes, she does look different, but I think she is still a very decent looking woman.

didn't she also fight and w... (Below threshold)

didn't she also fight and win a battle against cancer?

I think she is still beauti... (Below threshold)

I think she is still beautiful.

Still a very lovely looking... (Below threshold)

Still a very lovely looking woman. She has aged gracefully. What a relief to see an actress accept that you can't stay young forever.

Holy Crap! What a pathetic ... (Below threshold)

Holy Crap! What a pathetic attempt to imply that she has lost something because she is not a pin up in some male locker room.

I find the shallowness of Hollywood alive and well ingrained in our society. Clearly those commenting are above that, but this POST is a sad reflection that a woman without some barbie like looks is something to say HOLY CRAP about.

I wonder if we were given the same chance to assess Paul Hooson with the same microscope?

So your point is? She's a... (Below threshold)

So your point is? She's a lovely middle aged woman with a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. What exactly do you look like, Paul? Are you an older gentleman with a twinkle in your eyes and a kind word for everyone? I'm thinking not.

Holy crap! Sixty-year-old w... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

Holy crap! Sixty-year-old women (okay, 59 and change) don't generally look like they did half their life ago. Who knew?

I could be horribly wrong, but she looks as if on the whole, she'd prefer to look like she does now and be around to enjoy it.

NOBODY GIVES THE AGING STAR... (Below threshold)


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