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Does Bill Clinton Have Parkinson's Disease?

Some unusual neurological shaking in Bill Clinton's hands in public are fueling fresh rumors that the former president either has Parkinson's disease or some other deteriorating neurological illness. Further evidence is that he sometimes has a nearly waxy tone, compared to his more normal rosy appearance. Even ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT has speculated that the former president might be ill this past week as well.


A few months ago in an interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN, Bill Clinton had hoped to dispel any rumors about his health claiming that he had been tested for Parkinson's disease and did not have the disease. However, the new footage of handshaking moments as well as his skin appearance have spurred fresh rumors once again.

The fact is if the former president had been tested for Parkinson's disease, then some questions about his neurological health existed. Yet the former president hasn't offered any good public explanation for this. The former president will likely live a long life. However, some good questions about his health seem to exist.

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I saw President Clinton las... (Below threshold)

I saw President Clinton last year at a convention, along with the first President Bush. "Old" George looked much healthier than Clinton...

Could be benign essential t... (Below threshold)

Could be benign essential tremor or too much caffeine. Or tertiary syphilis.

No. He just likes to shake ... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

No. He just likes to shake it more than two or three times. At least when he can't get a young lovely to shake it for him.

There is no test for Parkin... (Below threshold)
gail bennett:

There is no test for Parkinson's disease. It is diagnosed by sympotoms and symptoms only.
Tremor blank facial expression, weakness, slowness etc angain there is NO TEST FOR PARKINSON'S

There is no "Test" for Park... (Below threshold)

There is no "Test" for Parkinson's whilst the patient is alive. Initial diagnoses can be up to 30% wrong even when carried out by experts.

People with Parkinson's (PWP) are initially questioned thoroughly and here's a list of what they may be experiencing:

A "resting tremor" - dead giveaway but 25% of PWP's do not have a tremor.

Loss of smell, libido, ED, constipation, "blank" facial expression, lack of smiles, stumbling gait, escessive saliva build up (drooling or swallowing a lot), stiff neck that makes it hard to look over your shoulder, tiny handwriting . . . etc ad nauseum.

As a PWP I am certain Bill has PD. I hope I am wrong but I have "been there and done that."

So it looks as though he has joined the same club M J Fox, Janet Reno, Hitler, Ali, Yasser Arafat and me. It is a lifelong membership that cannot be revoked and whilst it won't kill the patient . . . all POW's will die with it.

Bon chance from Canada mon ami..

What ever the case may be.I... (Below threshold)
Frank Rock:

What ever the case may be.I wish the clintons the best. And know that you are in our prayers. God Bless.. Frank Rock Portland Oregon

As others have stated, ther... (Below threshold)

As others have stated, there is NO TEST for Parkinson's Disease, therefore Clinton was not being truthful when he said he had been tested. He could not have been tested, there is no such test. Doctors diagnose PD based on your symptoms.

I am very familiar with PD symptoms, as my husband was diagnosed six years ago with early onset PD. I watched a video of Clinton at Teddy Kennedy's funeral service. He did not swing his left arm and he clearly had a movement tremor in his left hand when he reached up to pat someone's shoulder. These are classic PD symptoms, and I believe he does have PD.

You can see quite clearly B... (Below threshold)

You can see quite clearly Bill's "resting" tremor in this video of Ted Kennedy's funeral. The "shot" of his left hand shaking begins at about the 6 minute point into the video.

Typically a Parkinsonian tremor is 3 - 6 Hz but I haven't been able to calculate what his is from this snippet.


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