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American Idol May Come Back Revamped


American Idol fans may be in for some changes in the coming season.

The Idol fan site mjsbigblog.com posted what it referred to as an internal FOX memo that relayed how the network plans to update the show, according to Access Hollywood.

Among the biggest changes: the show will air fewer audition weeks featuring "fewer bad singers and more 'aspirational' singers"; instead of a Top 24, the show will feature a Top 36 which will eventually be narrowed down to 12.

Some familiar features will also reportedly be altered. According to the site, the Wild Card round will make its return while the charity-based Idol Gives Back doesn't look to be returning this season.

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Oh, I love the bad singers.... (Below threshold)

Oh, I love the bad singers. They're real entertaining. I keep looking for the next William Hung or Sanjaya.


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