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Katie Holmes on ABC's "Eli Stone"

Katie Holmes looks simply adorable in these stills for the Season 2 Episode 2 of ABC's 'Eli Stone.' She's teamed here with Eli star Johnny Lee Miller, who was once married to Angelina Jolie.


15388p2.jpg 34f0bkj.jpg

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Comments (3)

She looks alot like a young... (Below threshold)

She looks alot like a young Janine Turner here....

Denvermom beat me to the pr... (Below threshold)

Denvermom beat me to the proverbial punch. That top shot is very much like Janine Turner in her youth.

Not only does she look the ... (Below threshold)

Not only does she look the spitting image of Janine Turner during her "Northern Exposure" days, it's probably the most practical haircut a working mother of toddlers could have...

Too bad she married the poisonous dwarf.

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