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Hero dog saves drowning kittens- omg omg omg!!


English Bulldogs are notoriously bad swimmers. With a giant head and chest compared to a lighter tail end, they have a tendency to go bottoms up in the water. So this doggy is EXTRA brave.

Napoleon, an obedient and well behaved two year old white English Bulldog in Michigan abruptly left his master's side yesterday and raced out across a road and into a nearby lake.

Napoleon's owner met him in the driveway as the bulldog came back up out of the lake dragging something in his mouth. It looked like a burlap sack, and Napoleon appeared determined to drag it up from the shore and back to his master's side.

It was then that Napoleon's owner heard the meowing and realized that there were abandoned kittens inside the bag! Six kittens in total, although two of them didn't survive and the remaining four were in bad shape. Napoleon's mom cared for the survivor's for the next two weeks until they could be taken in to the city pet adoption center and found new homes.

Napoleon got a much deserved hero's welcome at the adoption center as crowds gathered to praise the brave bulldog and cuddle the rescued kittens.

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Comments (6)

Deeply sad story. I absolut... (Below threshold)

Deeply sad story. I absolutely love both dogs and cats. Nothing is better than little kittens though.

Don't know what the fuss wa... (Below threshold)

Don't know what the fuss was about, he just wanted a snack. ;o)

That dog deserved praise. A... (Below threshold)

That dog deserved praise. Apparently this bulldog knew that he was saving royals. Cats rule! I feel sad that two of them died. I hope they found the person who tossed the kittens into the water and thrash his butt. No animal deserves this kind of treatment.

People still do that "drown... (Below threshold)

People still do that "drown-unwanted-kittens-in-burlap-sack" crap? Unbelievable.

I hope they catch the heart... (Below threshold)

I hope they catch the heartless bastards and they get the shit beat out of them in prison..


What an amazing story! It m... (Below threshold)

What an amazing story! It makes me sick that two of the kittens died because of some cruel jerk-off, but I'm deeply thankful that this awesome dog did what he did.

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