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Heath Ledger, Mary-Kate Olsen Were Dating?


Heath Ledger and Mary-Kate Olsen were dating, sources tell the New York Post and New York's Daily News.

As reported, a masseuse who arrived at Ledger's apartment Tuesday first called Olsen before 911 when she discovered the actor's body.

Olsen's number was programmed into Ledger's phone, the Post claims.

According to the Daily News, Olsen's bodyguard later confirmed to police that two were dating (though her rep says they're just friends). The Post quotes a police source as saying the two had a "mutual relationship."

According to a law enforcement official who spoke to the Post, the masseuse called Olsen first because "she didn't want a media circus." The Daily News reports that the masseuse called Olsen "for guidance."

Olsen told the masseuse she would send her security guards to the downtown Manhattan apartment.

After the masseuse tried to rouse Ledger, she discovered that his body was cold, the Post reports, so she called Olsen again. "I think he's dead," she said.

Olsen replied, "I already have people coming over."

The masseuse then told Olsen she was calling 911.

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