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Boulder student Jesse Lange on O'Reilly Factor

Bill O'Reilly get his hypocritical ass handed to him by a high school student from Boulder Colorado. Jesse starts in at about 2:10 and even with Bill trying to intimidate the young man with his 'see if you can fly' introduction, Jesse exposes Bill for the louse that he is. Youtube.

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Comments (8)

Funny that you don't show t... (Below threshold)

Funny that you don't show the part of the clip where Bill made the kid look like a complete idiot, and the kid was basically crying by the time the interview was over.

ooooo... Bill made a teenag... (Below threshold)

ooooo... Bill made a teenager upset. That's skill. The kid made him a chump and there's no 2 ways about it.

When did this become Wizban... (Below threshold)

When did this become Wizbang Crazy? Oh I mean Wizbang Blue?

You don't have to be libera... (Below threshold)

You don't have to be liberal to know O'Reilly is a putz.

I'm at a loss to see where ... (Below threshold)

I'm at a loss to see where this kid's performance is noteworthy.

I baffled as to how you cou... (Below threshold)

I baffled as to how you could take from this clip that the kid handed him his ass. Bill did just fine as always.

Bill O'Reilly isn't half wh... (Below threshold)

Bill O'Reilly isn't half what he thinks he is.

That being said, anyone who think this kid exposed Bill or put him in his place is less mature than that kid is.

Tracey, are you really that silly?

Maybe you have to be to report on some of the trash you report on.

Wow, O'Reilly has a lot of ... (Below threshold)

Wow, O'Reilly has a lot of defenders. The reason why many of us enjoy this is that this kid very calmly used O'Reilly's own book to contradict what O'Reilly was saying. Now, if you saw the whole thing the kid was not crying, as Bob said, rather O'Reilly was in a hurry to finish the segment.

You know O'Reilly, that great moral leader of yours, had to settle a sexual harrasment case against his old producer, right?

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