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America Voted... So why are you surprised?

The only thing more pitiful than Sanjaya keeping his place among the so so singers and black girls who actual can sing is the amount of outrage people show over his staying power. It's a fucking reality tv show people. It's not exactly a science. Even if I wanted to vote someone in I would have the patience or the dexterity to keep up with the 12 year old girls on side kicks all over the mid west.

But yes, as I said, Sanjaya is still in... and some one named Gina Glockson is out.


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The sharks at 19 prod must ... (Below threshold)

The sharks at 19 prod must be shitting bricks - they may have to hand this buffoon a contract...

Not necessarily. I don't t... (Below threshold)

Not necessarily. I don't think the company is legally obligated to promote the contestant(s) with the largest popular vote. Of course, it's usually in their best interest to do so, but under certain circumstances, I think they reserve the right to kick off the show anybody they want, at any time, for whatever reason they deem to be fit. I think Sanjaya might represent one of those circumstances, i.e., he shouldn't even be there. He has no talent. The judges fucked up by passing him on, and they know it.

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