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The Isaiah Hits The Fan?

Eonline is reporting Isaiah Washington may be getting the boot asap. Maybe they'll just replace Isaiah like they do on the soaps, with a quiet voice announcing before his first scene: "The role of Dr. Preston Burke will now be played by Ted McGinley."

Statement reads:

I just received word from a highly placed source within the Touchstone/ABC family that ABC and Disney executives are currently considering the option of firing Isaiah Washington from Grey's Anatomy, effective immediately, without having him appear in any kind of farewell episode.

According to this reliable source, if the network does follow through with this option, the producers are likely to run a full-screen announcement at the beginning of the first Burke-less episode that announces Isaiah Washington is no longer part of the show.


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This is so sad that Isaia... (Below threshold)

This is so sad that Isaiah Washington, has to confroam to ABC and who ever else (don't Isaiah)...IF you fire him over this I wil not be watching ABC anymore than I have to.IM sick of it I stoped watching the VEIW.after 30something years I stoped watching my soap A-M-C. Not everyone wants this Gay thing shuffed down them so I will PRAY for you Isaiah great name,
WorryLooksAroundSorrowlooksbackFAITHlooksUP. God Bless.

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