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McPhee Lands Coveted Guest Spot


American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee will get to live out a life long dream this weekend when she guest stars on the newest webcast of Lonelygirl15. Oh yea. You read that right.

"I followed it from the beginning," McPhee told The Associated Press. "I thought it would be fun to meet all those characters." Oh yea. You read that right too. The god damn Associated Press covered this story.

The 22-year-old will play an unnamed character who meets Bree and her friends after they briefly emerge from hiding. The episode, titled "Truth or Dare," was filmed last week. McPhee did not get paid for her role. Hell, even Pitt took a pay cut for Babel.

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"coveted guest spot"! haha... (Below threshold)

"coveted guest spot"! haha. did you see carmen electra just did a spoof lg15 video? what IS the world coming to?

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Thank you for your web site... (Below threshold)

Thank you for your web site!

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