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American Idol Finale - Taylor Hicks vs. Katharine McPhee


OK America, we're down to the final two - Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. We've setup this post to allow The Soul Patrol and those with McPhever to duke it out. Trash talking is allowed.

Who should win? Or if you'd rather; who shouldn't win?

Live blogging below... Spoiler below...

First the throwback songs (a song they'd previously performed)..

Katharine's first song Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, featuring the same two musicians. Randy thought it was better than the first time, Paula liked it, Simon thought is was a warm-up.

Taylor's first song, Living For The City, featuring Taylor in a chartreuse smoking jacket. Randy loved it, Paula loved it, but she's a drugged out freak, and Simon hated the jacket but loved the song.

Round One to Taylor...

Katharine's song Somewhere Over The Rainbow, performed seated as before. Randy loved it, even if she'd already performed it, Paula gushed, Simon thought it was her best performance of the competition. She also proved she could stay in key when her ear piece went out.

Taylor's second song is Levon and he's busted out the constipated look for this version, which means he's really trying... Randy didn't love it - thought is was a little pitchy, Paula is a moron, Simon gave round two to Katharine.

Round Two to Kat

Katharine's last song is her debut single, My Destiny, which if she wins you'll be hearing lots of, featuring a full chorus. Randy loved her sound not so much the song, Paula felt the same, Simon didn't love it as much as the second song They pretty much agreed that she was better than the song.

Taylor's last song is his debut single, Do I Make You Proud, which featured the same chorus, though it's not a very "Taylor" song. The second half of the song was much better than the beginning, but that's not saying much. Randy though it was a slightly better song and Taylor was good, Paula is still a moron, Simon says "you have just won American Idol." Everyone tries to remind Simon that he passed on Taylor originally...

Round Three - Very slight edge to Hicks. Contrary to Simon's assertion round three was probably more of a draw than a Hicks knockout.

As the evening began so shall it end; McPhee the underdog, Hicks the favorite.

The show closes with most recognizable musician of the season, Daniel Powter singing Bad Day... The question is who's he singing it to tonight?

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Comments (74)

Katherine SUCKS.Ta... (Below threshold)

Katherine SUCKS.

Taylor should win.

Katharine will win only if ... (Below threshold)
Brian Day:

Katharine will win only if she has a "wardrobe malfunction". :)

America got it completely w... (Below threshold)

America got it completely wrong this year. As a gesture of protest for Chris's departure, and to enunciate exactly how much I despise Taylor's wedding singer performances (that fake tux fit, didn't it?), I will be voting for Katharine tonight, NO. MATTER. WHAT. Several times.
Taylor is a clown, Katharine's too comfortable with lying down.... this AI sucks.

I'm rooting for the wardrob... (Below threshold)

I'm rooting for the wardrobe malfunction...

If the vote is for eye cand... (Below threshold)

If the vote is for eye candy,then Kat will win. If the vote is for talent (as it should be) then there is no question that Taylor wins. Kat can not carry a tune and stay on key throughout an entire song. Her best effort, "Over the Rainbow," went sour about halfway through, causing me to cringe as she slid into those sour notes.

Elliott should have won. W... (Below threshold)

Elliott should have won. Who cares about these two?

Last week and this week's v... (Below threshold)

Last week and this week's vote will be dominated by the record companies staff autodialing on the votes for their star. It's anybodies win tonight only because of that. If it were up to real votes, Taylor will take it all

Squiggler obviously has no ... (Below threshold)

Squiggler obviously has no hear for music!

Here's the way I have it fi... (Below threshold)

Here's the way I have it figure. If your politically conservative, do most of your shopping at Wal-Mart, and get off watching FOX news programs, you're more likely to vote for Taylor Hicks. If you're politically liberal, have an ear for music, and would rather watch Larry King than Bill O'Reily, your more likely to vote for Katharine McPhee. Of course, there's exceptions to those rules and there is other criteria.

Interesting facts: 1) FOX is a politically conservative TV station. 2) ALL American Idol winners to date have been from southern, or "red" states. 3) Hicks is from a "red" state 4) Mcphee is from a "blue" state. Who would you say is apt to win?

Bottom line: The winner of the American Idol contest is the result of a "voting phenomena" (that is of course assuming that the results are not rigged). The same prejudices that determine how people vote for a political candidate get put into play when voting for the AI winner. TV and it's propaganda have an effect on proliferating those prejudices at a much less than conscious level. In accordance with those prejudices, Taylor Hicks is a "good-ole-boy from back home". Katherine McPhee is an "Artsy elitist from California." Talent contest? That's a joke!!

P.S. - If Katherine does win, I suggest she stays out of Wal-Marts for a while. Assuming by what I have seen posted all over the web, she might not make it out alive!!

I hate Taylor. He's a bad J... (Below threshold)

I hate Taylor. He's a bad Joe Cocker impersonator. Simon had it right when he said Taylor was "like someone's drunk dad at a wedding"

I'll be voting for Kat. She sings better than Taylor and she's more than 10 years his junior.

Besides, she's pretty and Taylor looks like my middle school science teacher.

If she uses that same posit... (Below threshold)

If she uses that same position, but in a skirt, I'm voting for her talent.

i am so voting for kat she ... (Below threshold)

i am so voting for kat she is awesome and pretty! i think she can sing really good! i wish i could sing as good as her!!!!!!!!!!!

katerine is FANTASTIC and I... (Below threshold)

katerine is FANTASTIC and I will vote for her...thank you sweet Kat for an amazing AI season...can't wait to buy your Cd!

See, the funny thing is, <i... (Below threshold)

See, the funny thing is, Taylor SUCKS. Do you people really see him as the American Idol. Hes an old school loser, and im sure no one will buy his album. Katharine is amazing. She doesn't have a one type voice. She can sing anything. Taylor is a soul singer, and hes good, but hes a joke. He doesnt deserve to win. Does anyone really know of aything Katharine has done wrong, becuase the jugges say shit to make them sound like they know what there talking about. She has never mad a mistake. TAYLOR MAKES ME WANNA KILL MYSELF.

I'M VOTING FOR MCPHEE!!!</p... (Below threshold)


dave,Not all thing... (Below threshold)


Not all things are politcal.

Before we had Wal-Mart and FOX, we had

"The King" Elvis

Nuff said

Hey dave! A lot of us red-s... (Below threshold)

Hey dave! A lot of us red-state conservatives can't stand to listen to Taylor any more than we can stand to watch him...do whatever he does.

At this point though, Katharine is the lesser of mediocres. Elliot would have stood a better chance against Taylor head-to-head.

Sorry Kevin, I'll have to agree with Althouse on this one: the jacket was clearly magenta, not chartreuse.

Ordi,Elvis wasn't ... (Below threshold)


Elvis wasn't "elected" into show business, so I don't understand where you're coming from. In case you think that I was implying that "southerners" are naturally less talented, then you misunderstood me. What's more, for reasons that should be obvious, you can't compare Elvis with who you see performing on American Idol.

"Nuff" NOT said...............dave

JimH:Like I said, ... (Below threshold)


Like I said, there's exceptions to the rules. I'm sure a lot of us "red state conservatives" can't stand George Bush do "whatever it is he does" either (notice I said "us" here).

I don't care who wins, as l... (Below threshold)

I don't care who wins, as long as Katharine's Dad stops crying

Taylor, like Paula Abdul, i... (Below threshold)

Taylor, like Paula Abdul, is a drugged out freak who likes to shake his sorry ass in public. Allow me to hurl

dave, You read me ... (Below threshold)


You read me all wrong. All I meant was Elvis was from the South and America still has an ear for him. Here still remains "THE KING". It has nothing to do with being a Dem or a Repub, Lib or Conserv, or whether you shop at wal-mart or watch Fox.
I did not attempt in any way to compare Elvis with who you see performing on American Idol.

"Nuff" said...............ordi

Wow,Until that las... (Below threshold)


Until that last song by Katherine, I didn't realize just how large of a woman she is. She reminded me of Wynona Judd, and i'm not talking about her song voice, but her looks.


Oh, that Kat is all of a si... (Below threshold)

Oh, that Kat is all of a size 7. Far from Wynonna who is a much larger woman. Sheesh.

I gather from reading the p... (Below threshold)

I gather from reading the posts that all the teenie boppers are voting for Katherine. Apparently the fact that she can't carry a tune or remember the lines doesn't count? I am sooo sick of your choices. Brittany? Christina these are all people you like that are proving what they are made of constantly. The real winner should've been Chris. His talent is amazing! However being there are two people to choose from I'm gonna say Taylor wins. He's never been in the bottom two and he's more original then Katharine. He's also never forgotten the words. She should've been gone and this should've been between Chris and Taylor.

TAYLOR MAKES ME WANNA KI... (Below threshold)
Brian Day:


Matt Libby, do us a favor and don't make us wait.

Ordi,Looks like we... (Below threshold)


Looks like we misunderstand each other. Don't want to get into a long-winded argument about this, but I just wanna make a few things clear: I do recognize the south to be a major contributor of talent to the American music industry. No doubts about that. The main point I was trying to make is that when voting for an American Idol winner, too many people put their personal prejudices above musical talent as a criterion. They do this unwittingly. I know for a fact that the show has been criticized for that, and if you look at comments posted all over the web about the contestants, you can see how the criticism is valid.

Secondly, I wanted to show that those prejudices get propagated by three main institutions (all of them interrelated to a high degree): 1) Corporate America, 2) the media, and 3) the two main American political parties. I know the situation is much more complex than that, but I just wanted to bring attention to those three and how to seem to interrelate when voting for just about anything. At the same time, I wanted to explain that by using three examples of the aforementioned institutions that turn both my head and my stomach: Wal-Mart, FOX, and BOTH of the main American political parties.

I've said it before...<br /... (Below threshold)

I've said it before...
I don't care who wins as long as it's not Taylor.
If I have to hear him scream "soul patrol" one more time, I'm going on a shooting spree.

Aside from a couple people ... (Below threshold)

Aside from a couple people on here, who would buy Katharine McPhee's albums? She's not a bad singer (although she does forget words and miss notes), but she's simply uninteresting. I can't understand how she made it this far over people like Chris, Elliot, Paris, Mandisa, etc. I don't necessarily think Taylor should win it, but Katharine shouldn't have made it to the top 5.

But it's all academic. Taylor's going to win. Not that it matters much anyway since they'll both get record deals, as will pretty much all of the singers in the top 5 or 6. From that point, we'll just see who sells more albums.

And by the way, I've never liked Katharine much, and didn't even know until last night that she was from California. I thought she was from the south, too. She seems to have a voice that would work well with country music. And that's not really a compliment.

Is Taylor the best singer e... (Below threshold)

Is Taylor the best singer ever? Certainly not. But, can Katherine even hit any notes? No.

All I can figure out is that the people who like her singing don't know where the notes are supposed to be and can't hear that the best she ever manages is to hit maybe half the notes in any given song.

American Idol for the Ameri... (Below threshold)

American Idol for the American Idle...

Katherine is beautiful, but... (Below threshold)

Katherine is beautiful, but she didn't belong in the finals.
Her first song was entertaining. Her second song was magnificant. Her third
song was bad.

Taylor was only a little better than Kat.
His first song rocked. Second song had some "pitchy" problems. Third song
was just "Okay for me dog", a much better song than Kat's but still not
good enough.

If Kat wins, it because of her looks, not her performances. If Kat wins,
maybe they ought to change it to "American Beauty" and drop the Idol name.

Think back a couple of week... (Below threshold)

Think back a couple of weeks. When there were 4.
Kat beat out Chris not because she had a better performance than him, but because she's pretty.
Chris deserved to be 3rd that week not 4th. He had a bad night, but Kat's was even worse.
I didn't see the week with 3, but I'd bet Elliot was okay and probably better than Kat. Chris would have smoked all of them.
That would bring us to Chris & Taylor.
Don't get me wrong, I like Taylor! I think he's very entertaining! But Chris was better, he happened to have a bad night when Elliot had his best night. And that really changed the final outcome. Kat got here because of her looks and the "Daddy's Girl" tug of the hear strings. Not her talent.
Between the final two - Taylor is definitely the better of them and he should be crowned. If it doesn't go that way, it becomes just another beauty contest.

Dave,I did not wan... (Below threshold)


I did not want an argument, period. I simply demonstrated where your original theory how a politically conservative versus a politically liberal voted for AI contestants was faulty. I did not say your theory held no merit. However, Elvis shows your theory has holes in it. Almost 30 years after his death, Elvis remains popular all over the US plus all around the world.

Would everyone stop crying ... (Below threshold)

Would everyone stop crying about Chris! If I wanted to hear a yodeling, Scott Stapp, I would go to a Creed concert in switzerland. He is a fake azz rock wanabe and should be grateful that a band such as Fuel would even consider that midget to be there front man

Ordi,Just trying t... (Below threshold)


Just trying to figure out your point here. Sorry if I bother you, but you have me a bit bewildered. Even if I understand you correctly, I still don't see where it relates to what I said in previous comments. You seem to be saying that Elvis was also a southern "good-ole-boy from back home" (like Taylor), and his appeal as a performer was to all walks of life regardless of political orientation, state of residence (be it "red state","blue state", or whatever), consumer habits, date of birth, or whatever else. Is that what your trying to say? Musical taste is musical taste and has nothing to do with politics, marketing trends, corporate power, or anything like that, right?

If that's what your saying, than I'll say I agree with you, but only to an extent. I would add that you would have to do some sort of demographical analysis to determine to who\why\where Elvis sold THE BEST and at DIFFERENT TIMES. Maybe such an analysis would show that there is no "best". But as right as you may be, you can probably say the same exact thing about, say - Frank Sinatra. The main fact to consider though is that neither Frank nor Elvis made it big in show business as a result of a "voting process" like you see on American Idol. Had they been involved in such a process, there would have been a host of other factors BESIDES THEIR TALENT that determined if either of them would have won or lost the competition, even if in either case they went on to make it as big as they did in the music industry after the competition. And it is quite possible for either of them to have lost to some talentless slouch whose name nobody would even recognize today. That's pretty much what I was getting at. Just one more thing: I did say in my original comment that there were exceptions to the "rules" that I stated.

dave,You a navel g... (Below threshold)


You a navel gaze way too much on this.

FYI: the "voting process" during Frank and Elvis time was called "record sales".

Now don't go analysing that too.

All,It will defini... (Below threshold)


It will definitely be Kat McPhee. It's not only a singing competition - it's an idol competition. The demographic that watches this show are mainly female and most of them want a star they can sing along with in their cars, in the shower, and in their homes. They want to be that person. Kat represents that person they want to be. She's pretty, she has talent, and the guys swoon towards her.

Taylor is very talented but he won't win because nobody wants to be him. Hence American Idol; not American Singer.

Ordi:Nothing to an... (Below threshold)


Nothing to analyze.

No S&*%t! That process still exists today, even between each and every AI finalist that has ever been on the show. The competition continues.

But once again, that has nothing to do with what I was saying.(And by the way the "navel-gazing" was done long before I wrote my original comment).


Although I'd love to see Kat win, I disagree with your assessment but I think I've done enough "navel-gazing" for one day.

Katherine is amazing. You i... (Below threshold)

Katherine is amazing. You idiots could not tell singing talent if it bit you in that @$$. My god, get over it.

hey everyone...its just a m... (Below threshold)

hey everyone...its just a metter of counting the minutes now. America has voted and its Taylor. i salute Catherine for making this far. She was brilliant and capable! Elliot would have made...like I metioned earlier .....America has voted and the Majority have they 'SAY'......Taylor!

Katherine McPhee is a very ... (Below threshold)

Katherine McPhee is a very talented singer. There is no doubting that. Both of them are obviously strong idol material, and both will go far regardless of whether they are the actualy "American Idol". Look how Bo Bice has done, Clay Aiken, Dianna Degarmo, and all the other runner ups. Personally, I would have preferred a Kat and Chris final, but I'm just happy she's in it. Unfortunately I don't think she'll win, and I think she knows that based on her reactions tonight. She just seems really anxious and Taylor seems totally confident, so she's doubting herself. Whatever happens, I support her fully.

This is an AMERICAN Idol , ... (Below threshold)

This is an AMERICAN Idol , and Patriot , and Hero

I'm Old School Baby, give me more of this hertitage Country Music:


mmm.....can't say I wasn't ... (Below threshold)

mmm.....can't say I wasn't dissapointed. Taylor didn't deserve to win in my opinion, he's kind of....a clown I think. She should have won, oh well. I'm sure she'll still do just fine for herself.

I am so mad that Taylor won... (Below threshold)

I am so mad that Taylor won. He sucks and Katharine is an amazing singer. I know she will be famous. Who will buy Taylor's music?! I can't see him making it at all!

Taylor Hicks as the next Am... (Below threshold)

Taylor Hicks as the next American Idol???
What a joke!!
I honestly cannot believe Taylor got as far in the competition as he did but actually won it?!!?! I am shocked beyond belief.

The guy really cant sing worth ****, (he really can't), he looks wayyy too old to be an American Idol AND dances like he has some neurological disorder they are trying to find a cure for - Not to mention that he dresses like Elton John with that pink jacket

here's what it comes down t... (Below threshold)

here's what it comes down to for me:
1. taylor is entertaining mostly because of his on-stage 'presence', 'antics', 'enthusiasm', or whatever you want to call it. vocally, he is limited and that's what counts when selling records. so i wont be surprised if kat outsells him. taylor may be a flash in the pan, but does not have long term potential.

2 kat has much more star power because of her beauty, and her voice, which is a much more varied and powerful instrument than taylor's.she still has a lot to learn, but with continued good coaching and good management-- selecting the right songs, arrangements, musical accompaniment, etc., she will become a big star!

if you paid attantion to all the comments that were made about her by the 'professionals' during the competition, you will understand her potential.

Taylor should not have won ... (Below threshold)

Taylor should not have won he freaking sux and what the hell is up with his freaking grey hair what in the world well yea Katherine should have WON. FUCK TAYLOR HICK FUCKEN PUSSY!!!

sfbaysailingfanatic puts it... (Below threshold)

sfbaysailingfanatic puts it EXACTLY in a nutshell.

The best thing about Kat is... (Below threshold)

The best thing about Kat is that unlike any other female singers I can think of, you can actually imagine quite vividly how she would SOUND in bed. Ya gotta love that voice!!

i think Chris should have w... (Below threshold)

i think Chris should have won ! but, I like Taylor too. American Idol is fake , they tell you to vote to put the person you like through to the next round but, the producer picks the winner ! even though they cheated ! i still watched the finally and it was great , i loved everything about it ! I liked kellie Pickler too but, i knew she was not going to win .I like the song "My Destiny" and "Do I Make You Proud". I LOVED it when CLAY AIKEN came out ! i screamed !!!!!!!! and so did all my friends .i like all the top 24 they all did really well to get that far in the competition. I hope they all get record deals !

I LOVE Katharine. Taylor is... (Below threshold)

I LOVE Katharine. Taylor is a complete joke, and looks like a mixture of Jay Leno and my grandfather. The show's already done and I still can't believe that Taylor won. He will sell nothing and Katharine is hot and better and will sell his @$$ out. WHHHHYYYYYY TAYLOR?!?!?!

I'm pretty sure the mafia i... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure the mafia is backing up Taylor. For him to win a competition with no talent, no voice, no personailty, no charisma, is very difficult. He either bribed them or is blackmailing them because this is ridiculous!! And those of you who are saying Katherine can't sing and Chris can or whatever OBVIOUSLY don't have an ear for music. Chris was hot, he was charismatic and he was an awesome performer with one type of voice. Katherine can sing anything and she looks really good doing it. Have a great day!

Katharine Hope McPhee is a ... (Below threshold)

Katharine Hope McPhee is a VERY talented singer. She is a beautiful young woman who has remarkable potential. Remember folks she has been trained by her mother in the theater world. NOW she has a chance to break out into anything she wants...music, movies, Broadway...the sky is the limit for this girl.

Yes, she forgot words a couple times, and was "pitchy" at times...God I hate that word...overused way too much on Idol.

The bottom line is this...SHE is star quality...she will outsell Taylor in records...Taylor is the type of guy you gotta see live, like in a bar or something....he is entertaining and certainly a very nice guy...but American Idol material....uh no.

None of us went through American Idol...we see an hour twice a night of these folks lives...we don't see what goes on behind camera or what is going on when the camera is elsewhere (panning the audience, on Ryan, the judges etc)

So for all the people who think she is stuck up...you wouldn't know sincerity if it bit you in the a**...She was nervous...God who wouldn't be since the judges started ripping into her from day one...

Truth be said Katherine will go very far no matter what she decides to do...Taylor might have some initial success but it won't be for the long run...

GO KAT!! I WILL buy your CD and so will many others!!! She attempted to sing EVERY genre of music...whether or not she excelled on every single one isn't the point...she tried, she stretched herself...she dind't say "no I can't do that" and just remain comfortable in her own genre unlike some of the other contestants!

TAYLOR HICKS YAYAYYAYAYA<br... (Below threshold)


I have news for those peopl... (Below threshold)
Jim in Nashville:

I have news for those people who said Katherine "can't hit any notes". You are officially tone deaf.

Andrea Bocelli just asked Katherine to go on tour with him, according to an article I read. Bocelli described her voice as "beautiful." You might consider that his hearing is better than yours.

It is incredible how people with no musical knowledge or ability either (a) try to audition for a talent show [we saw man hilarious examples on AI), (b) pass judgment on a phenomenal talent like McPhee without having a clue what they are talking about or listening to.

all i know is that taylor s... (Below threshold)

all i know is that taylor sucks i picked kat as my favorite the second she walked in the audition room GO KAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first things first. PAULA I... (Below threshold)
saula 4 life:

first things first. PAULA IS NOT A MORON OR A DRUGGED FREAK!!! d writer IS a MORON AND A DRUGGED FREAK for saying so!!
secondly, Katharine ROCKS Taylor SUX! McPhee, you rock! Hicks, you may win in this competition, but when McPhee releases HER album, you won't stand a chance! trust me!
Kat has the, as Simon would say, Superstar Quality. And you, Hicks, hasn't any. Sorry if it's too harsh, though.

They are both good, they ar... (Below threshold)
Alli Blaney:

They are both good, they are both going to make albums...the real test is who sells more. Perhaps Kat is better off without the lable of "American Idol". In fact, it wasn't until Kelly Clarkson stepped away from the American Idol song writers that she really began to take off. Give it time...we will see.

*Taylor is not a marketable... (Below threshold)

*Taylor is not a marketable American Idol. Highly doubt tweens, teens and twenty-somethings will line up to buy or download a Joe Cocker-esque CD or MP3.
*Taylor's vocal "style" is absolutely one dimensional and flat. Good, yes, but completely locked and limited in style.
*Taylor cannot hold pitch if he isn't belting. Listen to any AI clips and watch for the "nuanced" and "soft" phrasing. He cannot hold tone or pitch.
*Taylor captured the underdog vote from the start--and rightfully so--after Simon's assertions in the prelimary competitions.
*Taylor is an entertainer-but he is not a pop-star and will not generate the revenue a Kelly Clarkson or even Carrie Underwood will. He is on his way to becoming another Fantasia, Ruben, Clay Aiken...God forbid.

*Katherine has proven vocal talent, reinforced by her admitance to the Boston Conservatory. Only a handful--and when I say handful I mean handful--of individuals out of tens-of-thousands of applicants make it into this school. I was lucky enough to have been admitted as well, and my Freshman class total? Less than 30.
*Katherine has much more marketability, sustainability, vocal style and flexibility to hit mainstream radio
*Comments above regarding Katherine's pitch and tune are completely unwarranted--with few exceptions under "live" conditions which NO ARTIST can compensate for, she always nails each note, each song moreso than any other contestant this season. When her ear-piece that provides the starting pitch for Somewhere Over the Rainbow went out, she was able to begin the song and join the orchestration in perfect pitch. That's tough. That's a sharp ear.

--Reasons why Katherine didn't win--
*Katherine made poor decisions, trying too hard to belt like Christina, Whitney or even Kelly Clarkson, when she should have stuck with her money--jazzy, smooth, mellow, down-tempo. Some singers just aren't meant to belt, and she is one.
*Sub-par personality on the show. I think she just wasn't as likeable as the others. Felt defensive at times. Felt snobish at times. She seemed to fall apart near the end, I think her confidence wained.

Time will tell, past AIs have told a telling story..only a few will really make it, and I don't believe Taylor will be added to the list of successes.

taylor sucks for real cuz o... (Below threshold)
4 reals:

taylor sucks for real cuz of his geeky movements and his weird smile to get ppls attention wen actually no ones watching

Am Idol is the most RETARDE... (Below threshold)

Am Idol is the most RETARDED show I've ever watched, and it is very OBVIOUS that this dumb show is RIGGED.
Chris SMOKED everybody, and the only reason he didn't win is because he COULDN'T be "SHAPED" into a fucking boring, half-assed, run-of-the-mill "POP STAR" like all of the other bubblegum rejects we see all the time.
Let's face it everybody....todays's music sucks ass bigtime.

Taylor sucks. Period. Taylo... (Below threshold)
joe blo:

Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period. Taylor sucks. Period.

Katharine was friggin' a... (Below threshold)

Katharine was friggin' amazing !!!, clean your ears out you clowns. Chris is a professional and his albums or Katharines will sell a shitload more then baby Taylor the recording industry ass-kissin' pop-tart any day.
Mark my words....you'll all see the results in due time.
American Idol is a total JOKE. I laugh my ass off every time I see those 3 pathetic judges pass remarks when none of them have the ears to tell what the fuck they are listening to.
Fuck Am Idol...Pop music is a dime a dozen anyways compared to the past amazing progressive rock bands that Graced this earth of ours before.

katherine should have won. ... (Below threshold)

katherine should have won. this taylor guys sucks. katherine if u ever read this i just want to tell you that u ROCK!!! =] u have a BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!!!!!!! LOVE YAH!!!

I really didn't care who wo... (Below threshold)

I really didn't care who won.. Chris should have won end of story....anyways they need to fire ryan seacrest his annoying and is just now after all these years starting to hit puberty hence the gay not really there beard

taylor won yahhhhh hes cute... (Below threshold)

taylor won yahhhhh hes cute get some im glad he won and soul is good at least peeps will listin he looks like my sisters boy friend [w/ gray hair u know] just so cuteeee

FYI CLASHER RYAN IS 32 HES ... (Below threshold)


For all you people calling ... (Below threshold)

For all you people calling McPhee or so I should call McLoser..."star quality". She's hot. Period. She can't handle her self. She thinks she can belt but she can't. And hell she can't sing while standing up. She'll fall over and lose breath if she effin tries to sing "Somewhere over the Raibow" standing up. She can't take comments lightly and she's late for interviews. WTF is that? Star Quality? She can't even move. She has no sense of choreography. She should have gone home with that model chick in the top 24 for all i care. If you insist she sounds great, you must be a fuckin loser in music. You like classical? Or your archaic? Then you must like Meat Load and Bocelli. Good for you grand dude.

i luv bothe of them so well... (Below threshold)

i luv bothe of them so well not really i like Mcphee's voise but Hick's personality

I know what my next target ... (Below threshold)

I know what my next target is, American Idols 2007.. This show sucks, i can't belive you didn't let that Clay Aiken wannabe guy win.. You guy's have no taste for talent.. SUCKERS !!

I think we can all admit th... (Below threshold)

I think we can all admit that there was no clear front runner this year as simon says. We've got, as I think, the truly great singers vocally, Elliot and Paris, who are sometimes incosistant. Then we've got the camera favorites, Kellie and Chris, both have pretty consistant voices. Then theres Katherine, musically talented, and the constapated Taylor as you put it. Elliot and Paris, I think, kind of cancelled each other out... you can't have 2 great singers in one show... the viewers split, and left both out. Chris and Kellie also did the same. Those who like the whole 'tv image' thing voted for them, and since they split on the 2, cancelled each other out. Then you're left with some other great singers, like Mandisa, who (even I knew it), wouldn't grasp America's attention for long... After a little bit of 'Chicken Little', your left with Kat and Taylor... Kat seems the underdog, and she actually reminds me of Kelly Clarkson, kind of shy, easily amused, and a bit emotional. Taylor reminds me of a combination of grandfather, Michael McDonald, and my little brother when you take his blow-pop... gray hair, good singer, and a little spazzy...

I really don't see the poin... (Below threshold)
David E.:

I really don't see the point of nonfans of Mcphee to be making fun of her.

All that shows her fans and others is that these bashing fans are highly insecure of their idol, and that Katharine is the polar opposite of what they're criticizing her for.

The competition is over, but here are a few things that made finale night sweet for me.

Katharine was hands down the best singer that night.

The Meatloaf duet was perfection. That black dress was beautiful. Kudos to her stylist.

In contrast, Taylor was very weak in vocals. The duet with Katharine and him singing "I've had the time of my life" was very mismatched.

Katharine's strong rich vocals contrasted startingly from Taylor's weak, growling quips.

I was far from impressed with him. And to my suprise, I found online after the finale that Katharine's throat had burst a blood vessel.

Which I considered was her dealbreaker since the noticeable hoarseness of her throat was apparent finale night.


To the finale's grand moment.


And I was mildly dissapointed.

The cameraman then does the usual closeups of the important people...heightning the "emotion". Even though by that time I was ready for a chimichanga.

And I had to burst out laughing because the camera suddenly caught Carrie Underwood's face, and I realized we both had the same expression.

She was not smiling one bit.....and she even looked a bit angry. ---> It was priceless.

Then it went to Taylor's family, who were in tears, and smiling. And then it caught to David Hasselhof, and DAvid Foster.

Foster, the gentlemen that he is politely stood up and clapped.

While David Hasselfholf stood up in tears.

At first..I thought he was crying for Taylor's sake, but I found out that his friend who was strickend with cancer that night thought Taylor's win was incredible, and Hasselholf was crying for his friends amazement on how anyone can accomplish a dream.

So what the SP thought of as exhiliration for Taylor was actually a different situation.

Congrats to Taylor...even though some of his fans really need to lighten up, and not be so aggressive.

i think Chris should have w... (Below threshold)
Brenda Wood:

i think Chris should have won. Katherine should have left the night Chris was thrown out. Taylor - na, not my kind of stuff. He sucks!

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