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American Idol's Taylor Hicks' Drug Arrest Detailed


On the same day as he sang for a chance to advance to the final four in this year's American Idol, Taylor Hicks' college arrest for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia is detailed in Star Magazine.

The Birmingham, Ala., native was a 21- year-old student at Auburn University when he was pulled over by Alabama State Trooper Jason Black on July 2, 1998, while driving his red Ford Explorer near Tuskegee. In public court documents obtained by Star, Trooper Black wrote: "Subject was stopped for a traffic violation. When I approached the vehicle, I detected the odor of marijuana. When subject opened the glove box to get tag receipt, a wood pipe fell out. The subject said it was a 'pot pipe.' The subject was placed under arrest, read his rights and placed in my patrol vehicle. The subject told me he had marijuana in the vehicle, and that he was going to the beach and that it was just for personal use."

A second state trooper was called to the scene, and a search of Hicks' vehicle began. Trooper Black reported: "A yellow plastic container [holding] vegetable matter believed to be marijuana was found on the back passenger floorboard. A plastic bag [also believed to be containing the drug], and a small metal pipe resembling a cigarette were found in a backpack in the back of the vehicle."

Hicks' car was impounded, and he was charged with misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia before being taken to the Macon County Jail in Tuskegee. The facility's records show Hicks was released later that same afternoon after hiring a bail bondsman to pay $500 bond.

Hicks dodged a proverbial bullet as the case was eventually dismissed due to lack "for want of prosecution." Evidently after a court schedule conflict his case got lost in the stack of paperwork in the prosecutors office, leading to the eventual dismissal of the charges.

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Comments (4)

Big Deal.... (Below threshold)
carol runge:

Big Deal.

It is a good thing we all h... (Below threshold)

It is a good thing we all have rights to an opinion. Your opinion about Elliott just shows you are judgemental - it does not reflect any fact or class.

Thank god he didn't get hit... (Below threshold)

Thank god he didn't get hit by the bullet!!!!!!

Wow, So they "lost" it. I w... (Below threshold)

Wow, So they "lost" it. I wish I could have been a celebrity when I was arrested. But again I would not have been able to pay anyone off. Bet it happened here.

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