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I'll show you the "Worst Songs"

CNN.com asked for people to send in their selections for worst song ever. I waited with earnest, because I was sure that the official Wizbang Spring Picnic and Softball Tournament band would be represented in the list. I was wrong.

In fact, the list of the worst songs doesn't even include The Final Countdown! Needless to say, I'm urging the vast Wizbang Pop! community to write to CNN.com and tell them to correct this egregious error!


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Comments (2)

Worst song currently is by ... (Below threshold)

Worst song currently is by Fall Out Boy, "Sugar were going down"; here's a link

This is about a guy whose girl dumps him, he stalks her and is going to kill her.....totally sucks and is obnoxious, because unless you read the words, it's hard to understand the lyrics.

Now it's stuck in my head....damn you!

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)

You need to see this version of Sugar We're Going Down. (Warning: some indecent imagines.)

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