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Denise Richards makes salacious claims against Charlie Sheen


While our usual audience is trying to find a dictionary to figure out what 'salacious' means, the rest of us will ponder why MacStansbury puts up a pic with Denise Richards in it that doesn't have her...assets...on display. It's because knowing my audience like I know my audience, our your eyes have never gotten up that far.

To her face, I mean. My buddies at TMZ.com sent me all the shocking stuff about Sheen allegedly viewing gay pornography, and possibly hinting at child porn, as well. Shocking, I tell you. But even the TMZ couldn't stick Denise on their site without showing off the fine rack of ma'am.

Let's be clear: this may well be grounds for divorce, and though they may imply the actors are below the age of consent, it's perfectly legal, as long as they are, in fact, over 18. In an update, Sheen issued a statement to the effect that this was merely a smear campaign against his *snort* good *kesh* *snort* name *hehe*.

So, I know you're wondering, why I would post something that so obviously calls for the mellon-shot, and I purposefully leave it out? Look at her face. Go ahead. Look.

It's a little different without her chestage, isn't it?

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