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You can thank me later

As you all know, it's about time for the annual Wizbang Spring Picnic and Softball Tournament, and this year, I was charged with finding the entertainment.

I found the perfect band, and they're available that weekend!

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Oh my! I am so thankfull th... (Below threshold)
Kevin H:

Oh my! I am so thankfull that I have the flu, so I can blame the bleeding eardrums and wretching on something other than my own stupidity for clicking play.

Thanks for making me realize that a flu that has me knocked semi-concious, is dehydrating me badly, and wreaking havoc with 2 parts of my anatomy, is still like a party compared to having to pay and sit through that show.

Hey, they're not so bad. I'... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hey, they're not so bad. I've been playing the video for about three minutes, and had no problems so far.

Hmm... whoops, I had my computer muted. Lemme click that off, and...


Mac, consider yourself well and truly avenged for my posting the Basic Instinct 2/Benny Hill thing on the main page. I am sorely repentant.


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