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Lindsay Lohan at SNL afterparty...missing something...


Here's a photo of Lindsay Lohan at SNL afterparty I totally thieved from The Superficial (call me), and I noticed, well, that Lindsay's still the same old Lindsay, it's just that there's something different about her. This was troubling me, because, as you know, I've had this fixation on her for the past couple of days, and stuff.

So, I began looking through the internets, and painstakingly searched through countless photos of her, many of which I studied with great earnest. It was during my research that I figured out what was missing in this picture that I'd seen in so many others. Can you figure out what's missing, as I did?

Answer after the jump.


That's right, folks: she's not wearing sunglasses! Everybody famous wears sunglasses, even at night.

Congratulations to all of you who guessed correctly. And to those of you who got is wrong, just what were you looking at?

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Comments (3)

"And to those of you who go... (Below threshold)

"And to those of you who got is wrong, just what were you looking at?"


What, too obtuse an answer? ;)

... B-b-b-b-but ... they're... (Below threshold)

... B-b-b-b-but ... they're real aren't they?

I mean, you can spot a pair of knock-off Ray-Bans pretty easily, right?

Oh, I thought she was missi... (Below threshold)

Oh, I thought she was missing the straw up her nose...

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