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French News Babe Melissa Theuriau Surrenders Her Clothes


French anchor babe Melissa Theuriau might be the greatest French import since Bridget Bardot, except that she's not actually been imported. Theuriau, a presenter on "LCI Matin" (LCI Morning), a Today Show-style French morning show, is already legendary on the internet for her beauty and her breezy outfits [forums, videos], but the only early risers she's giving a rise to are the French...

There's an actual article attached to these exclusive beach photos (see below) of the French news babe wondering if the 27-year-old beauty is ready for the evening news anchor spot - presumably to replace Claire Chazal. For the sake of the Western world (excluding France) we're hoping that Theuriau is passed over for that gig and in a fit decides to bring her news act to America. We'd drop Laura Logan, et all in a heartbeat...

Vive le France!

Official website: Melissa-Theuriau.fr

melissa_theuriau01.jpg melissa_theuriau02.jpg melissa_theuriau03.jpg melissa_theuriau04.jpg melissa_theuriau07.jpg
Click pictures for larger, uncensored versions.

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Comments (12)

You know, my strongest memo... (Below threshold)

You know, my strongest memory of French evening news was listening to what I thought was a really good satire of french politics and events, my first night there.

Really, it was good, made fun of the French political elite and how interchangeable they were, and how the only difference between the (corrupt, statist) socialist party and (corrupt, statist) "right" wing was the name, but in a subtle and clever manner. And how in the end LePen seemed to be more credible because, for all his many, many, faults, he at least listened to peoples actual concerns...

I was truly amazed they could get away with stuff like that on French TV. Then the show came to and end, and I was left with my wine glass halfway to my mouth, camembert on Brioche unchewed. It was the evening news, and was perfectly straight, and unhumourous and all that I had thought funny satire was in my head.

I had to go out for more wine.

(Object lession in how your political assumptions can colour events.)

Hello I'm french a... (Below threshold)


I'm french and a big fan of Melissa.
You know i had to search for a while to find these photos ??
The person who posted them the first time ("leciol") answered positively to Melissa's request to remove the photos and now ALL sites in France decided to remove these paparazzi shots because melissa asked for it !...

Finaly i found them here.

Vive l'Amerique !

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


What can I say ? I'm love ... (Below threshold)

What can I say ? I'm love of her. If I only have the chance to meet me once with her.....

TE AMO MELISSA tHEARIAU !!!... (Below threshold)


wow!! melissa is absolutly ... (Below threshold)

wow!! melissa is absolutly beautiful, great body, beautiful face, gorgeous voice- she is perfection defined!!

katie couric are you paying... (Below threshold)

katie couric are you paying attention..this will cure your sagging ratings

Do they go doggystyle in Fr... (Below threshold)

Do they go doggystyle in France? That's the only position for Melissa.

She's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)

She's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sumbitch,the front of my t... (Below threshold)

Sumbitch,the front of my trousers are gettin' tight..............

Wow! That's freaky. She's h... (Below threshold)
John Doe:

Wow! That's freaky. She's hot but...

Damn....She is rea... (Below threshold)


She is really hot !!!

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