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Kellie Pickler's 'Dumb Blond' Act Is Wearing Thin


Maybe it was the cheesy, "Pick Pickler" slogan, maybe it is the eerie similarity to last years winner Carrie Underwood, or maybe it is her reported bitchiness in Hollywood, but something about Kellie Pickler has stuck a sour note among dedicated American Idol watchers.

Based on last night's performance, there's probably no chance that she won't make the final 12, but, as pointed out at PopWatch, Leslie Streeter at The Palm Beach Post taps into the Picklebot angst:

I used to think that the talented Kellie "Hey, Ya'll!" Pickler was merely a pleasantly naive little girl. Now, I think she is the Ellie Mae Clampett version of Edward Norton's supposed hick murder suspect in "Primal Fear." Not that she's a murderer. I mean, I think she's genuinely awed by the big lights and all, and she'd be weird if she wasn't. I just think she's laying on that "I ain't never been nowhere and don't know nothing but I'm as shiny as a shrimp in grits to be here and swim in your see-ment pond!" thing a little thick. And I ain't buying it.

...I think that, pushed far enough, pretty much everybody has an obsessive smacking gene in them somewhere. But Pickler, she of the charming ladies' man grandpa, the wonder-eyed discovery of citified food they ain't got down there on the farm (this week: "Sal-mon!") and Comet the Wonder Mutt, doesn't want to channel that, because that would alienate the Dolly-bot fans that she's supposed to be inheriting.

What is striking about Pickler's performance is the Jessica Simpson 'Chicken of the Sea' moments she routinely engages in ("I'm a mink?!") are as contrived as Fox's presentation of her backstory. Her quote about never singing in front of "hardly nobody" made for entertaining TV, but was completely untrue; she won a county beauty pageant singing 'Broken Wing' in the talent competition and ultimately went on to compete for Miss North Carolina. Then there's her turn as a finalist on an American Idol-like contest in Charlotte, NC called "Gimme The Mike! Charlotte" [Video] last August. She didn't win the competition, but basically went right from there to the American Idol auditions. While she has no formal training, she's not without coaching.

Photos by Lowell Warner for WSOC-TV

The backlash has played out on the fan forums, where some from her past note that her sob story has been played up on the telecast, where in actuality she's grew up in a loving environment and was never "poor." The Kellie we see on TV is probably a significantly dumbed down version of the real-life Kellie, and apparently that's part of her plan.


If you're a conspiracy theorist, it's worth noting that Pickler's father is set to be released from a Florida prison on May 22, 2006 - the same week of the American Idol finals.

How's that for foreshadowing?


Rooting for her: KellieFans

Rooting against her by voting for her:


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Comments (24)

This review is the greatest... (Below threshold)

This review is the greatest pile of crap I have ever read!!

Too true George.I ... (Below threshold)

Too true George.

I remember in High School there was this girl who was very pretty, blonde, great singer and fantastic actress. Just about everyone hated her. The rumors ran crazy about her also. She was a slut, a whore, if she made a joke it was purposefully taken the wrong way, she was from OK but everyone accused her of having a fake accent, etc.

I expect Kelly will get a lot of this. People cannot stand the idea of a someone like Kelly being geniune.

Not sure I understand the Psychology behind that.

This review is about the MO... (Below threshold)

This review is about the MOST ACCURATE overview I have read about an OVER-hyped and OBVIOUSLY favored A.I. finalist. Pile of crap? NOT!

>>>I expect Kelly will get ... (Below threshold)

>>>I expect Kelly will get a lot of this. People cannot stand the idea of a someone like Kelly being geniune.

Not sure I understand the Psychology behind that.>>

Because Kellie is NOT genuine!! If she had it SO HARD then why do her teeth look so TOO perfect?

I'm not sure "She had it so... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure "She had it so hard..." but if she didn't, her teeth wouldn't be proof of that. My wife pointed out to me just the other night how her teeth are messed up. If you look to your left (On her right side) she has a tooth all out of place on her upper side just in front of her molers, eye tooth perhaps? It looks a little gross actually. You can kind of see it in the picture where she is holding the baby.

In other words, she hasn't had braces. I've never had braces either and my teeth are better than hers.

The first question on every... (Below threshold)

The first question on every IQ test should be: Do you believe anything you read at Wizbang.com? And if the answer is "Yes," you can't achieve anything higher than "idiot" status. This is the most contrived piece of B.S. I've seen yet on K.P.

this is the biggest pile of... (Below threshold)

this is the biggest pile of crap BS I have ever read also, wow you must be really threatened by her, Making up a stupid story and trying to point out anything bad about her that you can concoct up in your demented head shows that you are trying to sabatage her reputation, this if so typical of the stuff they do to hollywood stars, trying to bring out anything they can dig up to sell a magazine, so what you have written just proves that you are trying to get her fan base against her, it's not going to work, this girl is genuine so suck it up , and we'll all be laughing at you in the end, kelly is who she says she is, and quit picking on the girl, and crawl back under that rock you came out from, just slim , get out.

we aaaaaaall saaaay saaaaaa... (Below threshold)

we aaaaaaall saaaay saaaaaalmon around heeeeere, and iiiiii'm frooooom viiirginya, it's eeeevn more pronounced in nc, pay attention to how she says albemarle, leave us southern girls alone, it is politically incorrect to poke fun at someone's dialect.

Wow, this is worse than Nat... (Below threshold)
Kellie is Real:

Wow, this is worse than National Enquirer. My guess is this is just another website trying to use controversy to draw traffic and sell advertising. Can you say libel or slander?

People, get a life. No one... (Below threshold)

People, get a life. No one on tv is "real".

HA! Excellent article, and ... (Below threshold)
Send Pickler Packin:

HA! Excellent article, and I might say to all you non believers, google it, it has been said amany a times in amany a places, how can soooo many people and websites get it all wrong???


Oh Puleeze! This isn't the... (Below threshold)
Pickler's A Lying Phony:

Oh Puleeze! This isn't the only place on the web that's humming about her phoniness. Even Fox news afiliates are talking about how she's being fed her Aw Shucks lines by AI - and even rehearses them with Ryan Seacrest before the show airs. And AI is a Fox show!

How many "poor" kids do you know who get a brand new Honda on their 16th birthday? And if she's so 'genuine' why did she lie about only ever having sung "in the shower". And those lines about how weird it is wearing false eyelashes - this from a trained cosmetologist and beauty pageant competitor!

She's a liar and a phony and she got caught. Deal. With. It.

Since she's got a likable persona you fans ought to tell her and the AI bozos to lay off the lies and the pimping and let her win on her own merits.

If not, it's all gonna catch up to her too son and she's gonna lose.

That was pretty much amazin... (Below threshold)

That was pretty much amazing.

I've hated her since I first saw her.

I have nothing against Kell... (Below threshold)

I have nothing against Kellie Pickler...she's cute and she's talented. Like most viewers in the country who were introduced to Kellie at the auditions for AI, I believed the innocent, small town persona that she delivers every time she's on camera. Then, one day I was on the internet and googled "American Idol." Up came an article on Kellie's past singing competitions and with that article were short bits of one of her actual performances. Her voice was powerful and strong, no surprise there, but during the portion of the clip that showed her reaction to the judge's positive comments, she was anything BUT the little country girl. Her voice was much less "southern" and she had an air of sophistication that has never been seen on American Idol. If her mother abandoned her at 3 and her father has been in and out of prison her whole life, I feel bad for her. No amount of money or success can make up for that, but if she is using that as a means to get votes, it just won't work. In the end, Kellie Pickler will more than likely be plenty successful without winning the title of American Idol (and I would bet large sums of money that she WON'T win). The exposure she has gotten will more than assure her a career in music. To all her fans that are outraged that anyone would put Kellie Pickler down, do the research yourself. Everything you need to know is out there if you look for it. In the end, though, maybe it would be best to just believe in her and ignore the naysayers. After all, a difference of opinion is what makes the world go round.

I think this article got it... (Below threshold)

I think this article got it right on the money. Kellie Pickler is one big phony. I can't believe people actually can't see thru her act. This act is about as genuine as the color of her hair.

Okay, I'm not really unders... (Below threshold)
Sick of Pickler:

Okay, I'm not really understanding how this is BS considering she has sung for more than just Miss NC and Give Me The Mike Charlotte. These are all truths. She is not genuine. She knows how to work people to get what she wants. How can you people not see through this?

LOL i love this, just to re... (Below threshold)

LOL i love this, just to read all these comments and see that half you people are jealous that shes HOT and a good singer

Im a guy, so dont tell me I... (Below threshold)
Andy Holt:

Im a guy, so dont tell me I'm jealous, okay. I cant stand her. I dont think she sings good. She is pretty, but that is all. I happen to know that when someone is good looking, they learn to take advantage of that. I am one of those people. I have always been good looking, and because of that, I have been able to get away with things in life that an average looking person whould not. Kellie is lieing because she can, plain and simple. All of the contestans have to sell their "product" to the audiance, thats how the show works, but I dont think Kellie is doing herself any favors by playing dumb, and acting like she has never competed before AI. There are too many people that know about her life before the show, and the longer she lasts, the more America will learn. I'm telling you, not everyone she has met in life likes here, and if she makes it to the final 4, there will be plenty of money to be made by people that want to reveal the truth about her past.

There are a lot of good loo... (Below threshold)

There are a lot of good looking females in the world and you cant say that they all take advantage of it. unless your a Psychic.

PICKLERS HOT!!!!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


OMG! Kellie's a phony - in... (Below threshold)

OMG! Kellie's a phony - in Hollywood - why that must make the phony meter jump to 8,000,001 - what a headline!

NO she lost... (Below threshold)

NO she lost

OMG! ...First thing i want ... (Below threshold)
Anna Lee:

OMG! ...First thing i want to say is FUCK ALL YOU JEALOUS PEOPLE!..lets see you get out there and do what she is doing..She is a very pretty ladie and all she is doing is making her dreams come true and she sings beautifully!..FUCK ALL YOU HATERS!..you dont like her keep it to yourself!!!!!!!!!...if you aint a fan of hers fine..but dont fucking write this bullshit about her its WRONG!..leave her past alone!..You have NO right to say half the shit your writing!...you are all just mad cause she is famous and your ass is NOT!!...HAHAHAAAAAAAAA big deal...get over yourself..kellie YOUR GREAT HUN!..keep singing and making your dreams come true you have made it this far and you REALLY are A STAR!..you will always be #1 to me!

Kellie is a good southern g... (Below threshold)

Kellie is a good southern girl. Im from the south and she acts like all other young southern girls! I think she is beautiful and talented and very sweet! I hope all of her dreams come true!

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