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Ms. Smith Goes To Washington


Busty, boozy, bimbo Anna Nicole Smith takes her turn on the nations premier legal stage today when the probate case of her late husband's estate winds up in the laps of the Supreme Court. Considering that Smith was a lap dancer at the time she married her geezerly sugar daddy, J. Howard Marshall II, the lap analogy is probably appropriate.

WASHINGTON - Former stripper turned weight-loss promoter Anna Nicole Smith faced the scales of justice on Tuesday, a Supreme Court showdown with hundreds of millions of dollars on the line.

The legal issue, stemming from a nasty family feud over the fortune of Smith's late husband, J. Howard Marshall II, turns on whether state or federal courts have jurisdiction in the matter.

Smith, the spokeswoman for a diet product company, was awarded $474 million by a federal bankruptcy judge. That was later reduced by a federal district judge and then thrown out altogether by a federal appeals court on jurisdictional grounds.

...The Bush administration is siding with Smith as a technical matter, arguing that the justices should protect federal court jurisdiction in such disputes.

Of course, even cleaned up for The Supreme Court we'll always remember her as this girl.

Anna Nicole Smith presents during the 32nd annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles, November 14, 2004. REUTERS/Mike Blake

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Comments (3)

You know whats sad? I am AC... (Below threshold)

You know whats sad? I am ACTUALLY an attorney, and she has a great case. An awesome case. The kind of case any conservative attorney would give their EYE TEETH to fight out in front of a conservative or Federalist court.

But I find myself wishing that she would fire her lawyer and go pro se. It would be AMAZING. Or if she would just drop everything and hit on JP Stevens.

But I find myself wishin... (Below threshold)

But I find myself wishing that she would fire her lawyer and go pro se.

Is "pro se" Latin for "topless"?

Shhhooo, beetches...thish h... (Below threshold)

Shhhooo, beetches...thish heah guy, he he he promished me shome of his his his mmmMONeeeee. If I wash gonna let heem touch my...yaknow...coochie. SO I shays, hows much mmMMMONEE? Ewww...

Shhho he shays, Lotsh and lotsh...

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