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American Idol Finalist Becky O'Donahue In Steamy Maxim Shoot


Becky O'Donahue might not stack up to the competition in this years American Idol finals, but she's most assuredly more stacked than most of the teen contestants. Turns out she's quite the little reality TV whore, appearing previously on Fear Factor with her twin sister Jesse (seen during the AI auditions). Becky and Jesse worked as models for Maxim in 2004, promoting Maxim Fallacy Baseball - whatever the hell that was. Many more pictures from the photo shoot at Maxim, and bonus video goodness...

Via Pop Culture Junkies

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Eehh, these are some half ... (Below threshold)

Eehh, these are some half ass chicks trying hard to look sexy. Def have to hit that from the back to get into them...

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