Lawyer Arrested For Caning Wife

Well known personal injury lawyer Daniel Rottier was arrested for an intoxicated incident in which he took his cane and whipped his wife across her back raising a long red welt that had to be treated by medical staff.  The popular lawyer from Wisconsin was well known for winning many personal injury awards for clients, and […]

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#McConnelling: Mitch McConnell’s Gangsta Paradise

Jon Stewart recently created a goofy bandwagon trend of encouraging his show’s numerous viewers to add unlikely music to a political ad run by embattled U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. And the result has been a truckload of outrageous music videos with the veteran politician made the butt of the jokes. The viewer input […]

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CHERRY: America’s Favorite Dirty Comic Book

18 year old Cherry has become like THE ARCHIE comix for the 80′s generation that loves adult comic books. The young character is styled a little after Betty in THE ARCHIE series, except that she gets involved in so many sexual misadventures. It’s not only the pretty good storylines of the comic, but also a keen […]

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Katy Perry’s Lollipop Takes A Good Licking!

Katy Perry has seemed to go a long ways from her early roots doing Christian music. Her much more worldly style these days includes some very sexy publicity photos includes this suggestive good licking her lollipop takes from her tongue. Well, feast your eyes guys and just imagine Katy is your girl! – It’s a […]

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19 Year Old College Student Infects 324 Men With HIV On Purpose

A 19 year old university student in Kenya has shocked the world community by posting on Facebook that she sought to deliberately infect 324 men with HIV after she had unprotected sex with a man after a party and found herself HIV positive. She felt that her life was ruined, and sought revenge on men […]

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Classic Wax: Gary Glitter “I Didn’t Know I Loved You Till I Saw You Rock And Roll)

With one of the longer titles in glam rock history, UK rocker Gary Glitter was a hot item on the British charts for a number of years, battling off against the likes of T.Rex, Slade, The Sweet. Mud, David Bowie, Alvin Stardust and others. As the UK gliiter and glam rock scene seemed to fade […]

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Classic Wax: A Musical Striptease Video You Need To See!

The Orwells, a new wave act released this interesting striptease video as their official music video for their song, “Dirty Sheets”. Both the song and the video were minor sensations and worth a listen and a look if you never saw either one. The video managed to capture part of the look of seedy 50′s […]

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Mickey Rooney Dead At 93

Mickey Rooney the child actor legend has died at the age of 93. The actor began acting way back in 1926 and became popular in the 30′s and 40′s in the ANDY HARDY films as a teenager.  It was an amazing career where the former child actor was often a guest actor in many film […]

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McGruff The Crime Dog Actor Gets 16 Years In Prison

A DOJ public relations campaign using a cartoon character and actors sent out to schools and public events as McGruff The Crime Dog took a bad turn when one of the actors who portrayed this crime fighting dog turned out to be a major drug producer in possession of 9000 rounds of ammunition and a […]

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Say What? Romney May Run Again In 2016

Despite saying no to another presidential run in recent weeks to a variety of news sources,  it looks likely that failed 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney could be preparing for another run for president again by organizing a reunion with some of his top campaign staffers and other clues. Despite election night complaint’s from some large donors […]

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David Letterman Retiring In 2015

Today David Letterman made it official. The 66 year old late night talk show host is quitting the longest gig ever as a late night host in 2015, which will complete a 33 year run. No other talk show host, Jack Paar, Steve Allen or Johnny Carson had as long as a run as David […]

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AMC’s Ultra-Rare 1973 Javelin Prototype

In 1973, AMC stylists put together this ultra-rare one of a kind prototype for the next generation Javelin. But, money woes at AMC, along with tightening fuel supplies, rising insurance premiums on fuel hungry performance cars, all started to take their toll on the market for fast cars with big engines, so for 1974, the […]

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