Actress Brooke Shields was long known as a “good girl’, even writing a book that urged girls to maintain her virginity until marriage. Well, according to some new news direct from Brooke herself, Dean Cain changed all that for her at age 22. While classmates at Princeton, both Brooke and Dean Cain met as classmates. […]

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Popular celebrity Kim Kardashian has launched a surprising set of photos for PAPER Magazine, including a rear view and a side view, and a full frontal shot. And it’s the big buzz in celebrity news today. It’s big news item, with one of the most surprising celebrity photo sessions ever. In one photo, Kim Kardashian […]

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Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Jewish

While celebrities of Jewish descent may not be represented in as high of numbers as some may think, there are a number of celebrities of Jewish descent that may surprise you. In the case of Jews of European descent, DNA tests can trace these Jews back to a tiny group of only 330 persons, which […]

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Actress Carol Ann Susi, who played the loud shouting Jewish mom of character Howard Wolowitz on THE BIG BANG THEORY has died of cancer at the age of 62. Although she was unseen the camera, she was actually a beloved cast member. Some of the cast members have voiced their sadness that she was just […]

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Tiny American Assembled Car Gets 80mpg

A tiny three wheeled American assembled automobile that sells for only about $6500 gets an awesome 80mpg with a top speed of 55mph. Assembled from imported parts, the small two passenger three wheeled cars borrow much of their technology from motorscooters including the fully automatic CVT transmission. Only 96 inches long, and just 54 inches […]

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The First Sports Car

Technically, it was after WWI before the term “Sports Car” was first used. But, that didn’t prevent the  1911-1914  Vauxhall Prince Henry from inventing the new sporty genre of small fast cars, first used in rally racing. Sporting a 3 liter engine with 60-75 horsepower, for it’s day the  Vauxhall models were peppy for their […]

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It’s Crap From The GOODWILL

What kind of stuff do people donate to the GOODWILL? Well, here’s a funny sampling of the least great donations that actually made it all the way to the store shelves. I’m not really sure who wants some of this stuff, but, for good or bad, here it is….Happy shopping!

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Cocaine Scandal Hits Mitch McConnell’s Wife’s Family Business

Only days before the election, another big story of illegal drug operations has hit persons close to a candidate for high office. Recently, Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber has had to fend off revelations that his wife was part of or the leader in an effort to run an illegal marijuana grow operation. Now, Mitch McConnell’s […]

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The Most Horrible Halloween Costumes In History

Some Halloween costumes in history are so horrible that they want to make you scream and run for the door. Here’s a few that are real legends in fright appeal…Whether it’s old photos of Halloween horrors of old days or that modern absolutely horrible zipperface optical illusion makeup, there has been some horrible and frightening […]

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Kid Rock Makes Fan’s Birthday Really Special

It seems like Kid Rock isn’t such an “American BadAss” after all is said and done. After a man with Down Syndrome invited Kid Rock to his 30th birthday party, no one really expected the popular singer to show up. Kid Rock not only came and spent plenty of time with his fan, but brought […]

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Those Halloween Naughty Girls!

Halloween is big with adults….In fact, sometimes things can turn very adult as these costumes will prove. From the classic naughty schoolgirl to the bondage mistress uniform, to something way beyond all of these, these are some good examples to give any naughty girls out there some last minute bad, very bad, ideas to dress […]

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It’s Jewish Halloween Costumes!

American Jews may only be just over 2% of the American population, but they more than make up for that small minority percentage with a big sense of humor when it comes to Halloween. While Halloween is certainly huge for Gentiles and Jews alike, Jews love their opportunity to be creative, funny, and possibly even […]

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