Celebrity Skin: Charlize Theron

Actress Charlize Theron once lamented how she had actually lost some jobs because “she was too beautiful”. Despite working with such adversity as this, the 39 year old South African-born beauty has proved herself to be an acclaimed actress, model and producer, notching up an impressive record of successes. – But, the actress did have […]

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Long time cue card boy, Tony Mendez was fired after he started a fight with writer Bill Scheft. However, to keep the peace, David Letterman and/or producers have requested that Mendez receive his salary until the show ends in a few months. Mendez continues to respect David Letterman as his friend and boss. During recent […]

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Betty White Vintage Nude Photos Emerge

92 year old comic actress Betty White actually started her career around the age of 21 with appearing as a nude model for early adult photographs. Some recently rediscovered photos of the 21 year old veteran actress doing nudes have emerged. The actress is certainly very pretty, and the pictures certainly make her look very […]

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Vintage Naughty Playing Cards – A Dirty Deal

It’s hard to find what was the first set of naughty playing cards ever made, but there has been a history for the nudie cards nearly as long as playing cards themselves. While many sets of these cards were little more than cheap imports, often from Asia made for import into the U.S.. other old […]

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Convicted Criminals Run For Offices

It’s official, crooks are running for office in the November elections. Indeed, former members of “The Big House Crew” are running for elections in this country in the upcoming elections, both for local and national offices. In Providence, Rhode Island, former mob-busting prosecutor turned convicted racketeer himself , Buddy Cianci who was formerly one of […]

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Canadian Businessman Jailed In Cuba On Phony Charges

Cuba only continues to prove that it’s one of the most dangerous places in the world to do business for foreigners. Since the 1959 revolution in Cuba, the government of the Castro brothers has jailed thousands of Cuban and foreign businessmen on phony charges and seized the business assets. Cuba is one of the poorest […]

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Falling Oil Prices Could Worsen U.S. – Russia Relations

While most American motorists are cheering falling oil prices, on the international scene these falling oil price may actually signal some dangerous times ahead. With the American stock market so volatile in the last few days, the sign of falling oil prices may be a sign of an international decline in the demand for oil, […]

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Miley Cyrus Gets Down And Dirty In Concert

Has Miley Cyrus gone too far? Despite being an idol for many young fans, many of these fans are writing negative reviews of her concerts on the Internet and with Tweets, complaining that her shows are just getting way too dirty for general audiences. In recent shows, Cyrus brings sex toys onstage, performing simulated oral […]

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The Incredible High Performance 1957 Rambler Rebel

Surprisingly, little American Motors Corporation produced a car back in 1957 that was even faster than the Corvette sports car of the same year. Equipped with a special version of AMC’s 327 V8, with higher compression, special valves and an optional fuel injection system, the intermediate sized 1957 AMC Rambler Rebel produced an awesome 288 […]

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Female Boy Scouts Staffer Arrested For “Lots Of Sex” Abuse

A 28 year old female staffer of the Boy Scouts in Portland, Oregon, has been arrested on sex abuse charges, accused of sexual relations with a 16 year Boy Scout. Elizabeth Monda-Guthrie reportedly admitted to a sexual relationship with the boy which started after she met him at Boy Scout camp at “Butte Creek Scout […]

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Tanning Nanny Heading Off To Prison

A Portland, Oregon nanny who locked two small charges in a hot car with the windows rolled up in 90 degree weather will serve a year and a half in prison in addition to probation time once released. Kristen Jones was also caught lying to a judge falsely claiming to have a daughter with brain […]

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Elvira: Buck-Naked Mistress Of The Dark

A few Halloween’s ago we presented a super popular feature on Elvira(Cassandra Peterson) in the nude which proved to be one of our most popular features ever. Well, popular demand speaks volumes here. You love the super-sexy and super talented comic horror show hostess, so here’s more Elvira for you fans. Here’s an early Halloween […]

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